Contact Us The Right Way

We need to be able to communicate in a secure and private way.

Contacting us is as easy as sending us an email, but in order to better protect ourselves we need to be able to communicate with you in a secure and encrypted way if we are to safely work together. This is important.

You must pay $100 USD for the initial consultation. This weeds out the time wasters, demonstrates your basic knowledge of cryptocurrency, establishes that you can afford us, and communicates your seriousness in seeking revenge.

You can not work with us unless you follow these steps:

  1. Email your name and phone number to [email protected]
  2. Briefly outline the revenge scenario you need, without giving details.
  3. Wait for our email response to arrive, check your spam folder.
  4. Reply to our email, confirming receipt of your payment address.
  5. Send $100 USD of Bitcoin or Monero to the address we provide.
  6. Wait for us to confirm receipt of your payment by email.
  7. Schedule a time and date with us for your initial consultation.
  8. We will verbally provide you with a password during that call.
  9. You will use that password to encrypt/decrypt emails from then on.

Your initial consultation will consist of a 30 minute voice conversation, the $100 USD fee will be returned as service credit should you choose to hire us.

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